In this short guide we’ll show you how to download and get started with the LootRush wallet

The first step in getting started with the LootRush wallet is to download it. You can download it here and select the browser that works best for you

After downloading the LootRush wallet, go onto Extensions in your web browser and click on the LootRush wallet icon

Click on the button “Sync with LootRush account”, this will prompt you to either login with your LootRush account or create a new LootRush account if you still don’t have one

Tip: you can login into different computers and web browsers and your LootRush wallet address won't change!

After signing-in your LootRush account click on the LootRush wallet extension icon and then click again on “Sync with LootRush account” button; this will open your LootRush wallet screen

In your LootRush wallet interface above, you can see your wallet address, which you're going to use to rent NFTs directly to your wallet

Tip: the network button can be used to change the blockchain and the "rent now" button will take you directly to LootRush's rental page

Congrats! You're all set and can now rent NFTs directly to the LootRush wallet