• LootRush wallet enables players to transfer their owned assets to and from their wallet.

  • The Sandbox allows players to disconnect and reconnect wallets as many times as they’d like

  • Disconnecting your wallet will not delete any digital assets within your previously connected wallet.

  • It is best to wait to disconnect your wallet until you are able to claim rewards from Play & Earn, Staking, etc.

  • Earnings from marketplace sales will go to the wallet that was connected to the account when items were put up for sale.

While LootRush does support rentals to personal wallets, there are many advantages that come with renting to your LootRush wallet.

Players who use their LootRush wallet to make rentals will have an infinite “credit limit”, meaning they can rent higher tier items than they would otherwise be able to.

In The Sandbox, this proves particularly useful when looking to rent land for experience creation, staking SAND, or earning End-of-Season rewards.

Below are a few key points you need to know to make the most out of your Sandbox rental experience.

Connecting Your LootRush Wallet

While The Sandbox allows only one game account per player, it does offer the flexibility to disconnect and reconnect wallets as many times as needed.

Switching from your personal wallet to your LootRush wallet will not result in any loss of assets from your personal wallet or any setback in your in-game progress.

Note: The Sandbox recommends that players wait until all rewards have been claimed before making any wallet changes.

For more information on the process of changing connected wallets:


Once you've successfully linked your LootRush wallet, you can easily transfer over any items from your personal wallet that you still wish to use within the game.

Transferring Items

One of the numerous advantages of the LootRush wallet is its ability to seamlessly transfer in and out items that are not rented through our platform.

To connect your LootRush wallet to the Sandbox while also being able to play with items you own, all you need to do is transfer them into your LootRush wallet.

Note: Assets transferred into your LootRush wallet can be withdrawn at any time.

More information on transferring items can be found here.

Congratulations! You're now equipped with the know-how to play The Sandbox using your LootRush wallet.