The following guide is specific to the LootRush wallet

The first step here is to transfer your Farm from your personal wallet to your LootRush wallet, we advise you use OpenSea for this:

Tip: keep in mind that your in-game assets (i.e. SFL collectibles or Bumpkin wearables) are tied to your Farm NFT, when transferring your Farm you're transferring your NFTs within it.

The next step is to login your Sunflower Land account using your LootRush wallet.

Tip: If you are planning on playing SFL with your personal wallet, keep in mind that there is a 2 week cooldown for returning your Farm from LootRush wallet to your personal wallet.

As you play the game using the LootRush wallet you might want to deposit your own NFTs into the LootRush wallet, so that you can play with both your own assets and LootRush NFTs.

Tip: check our deposit guide to get started with depositing tokens and NFTs to your LootRush wallet.

Also, all NFTs and tokens earned playing SFL can be withdrawn from your LootRush wallet to your personal wallet.

Tip: check our withdraw guide learn how to to withdraw tokens/NFTs from your LootRush wallet to your personal wallet.

Great! Now you’re ready to start playing SFL with your LootRush wallet.