In this short guide we’ll go over how to get started with Townstar on LootRush.

This guide assumes you’ve set up your Gala Games account, if you haven’t check our our short guide here.

After you’ve created you Gala Games account visit and on Townstar, click Play.

The next step involves linking either your personal wallet or your LootRush wallet to the Gala Games account, you can learn how to do so in our short guide here.

Playing with the LootRush wallet:

With the LootRush wallet you’ll be able to to rent without rental limit, allowing you to start playing with high powered NFTs on the get go.

Tip: if you’re not familiar with the rental limit concept, make sure to check out this short guide.

Tip: If you’re new to the LootRush wallet, make sure to check our LootRush Wallet FAQ, which will walk you through how to rent, return NFTs, among other important LootRush wallet concepts.

Playing with your personal wallet:

If you’d rather rent directly to your personal wallet, make sure to read the following guide, which will walk you through the basics of getting started with LootRush.

Tip: Remember, with your personal wallet you’ll have to have the necessary rental limit in order to rent, whereas with the LootRush wallet you'll have infinite limit.

Perfect! Now once you rent an item with LootRush either to your personal wallet or your LootRush wallet you’ll be able to find it in your in-game inventory!