Official Collaboration with Apeiron

We're pleased to announce an official collaboration with Apeiron to enable users to be able to rent assets and list their assets for rent easily and securely via LootRush.

Apeiron is an innovative blend of gaming genres, developed by Singapore-based Foonie Magus, integrating card game dynamics, roguelike progressions, and MMO features within a god game framework. In this unique setup, players step into the roles of godlings, summoned by the High Goddess Cosmos to combat the High God Chaos and his destructive influence. This narrative frames a game world where players are tasked with managing and nurturing a planet inhabited by 'Doods'—endearing, chicken-like creatures—and wielding control over their world through an Avatar. The game has made a significant transition from the Polygon to the Ronin blockchain, aiming to enhance player experience with optimized performance and streamlined transactions. This move expands the game's ecosystem, introducing four NFT collections: Planets, Origins, Godiverse Artifacts, and Stars, which represent virtual land within the Apeiron universe. Season 3 of Apeiron is set to introduce Main and Play-to-Earn tokens, broadening the game's appeal and integration into the digital economy.

Players participate in Apeiron through a variety of in-game activities, including daily missions and quests, to earn $ANIMA Airdrop Points. These points unlock access to $ANIMA tokens, with specific thresholds set for different percentages of tokens to be unlocked at the game's Token Generation Event. Additionally, the game features a tiered system affecting the rewards, with higher account tiers yielding greater multipliers for earning Airdrop Points, especially noted in the PvP closed beta phase which is becoming increasingly inclusive.

For a more detailed exploration and to begin your own godly journey, visit their official website at

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to Rent

We also have

Using LootRush to rent is easy and takes less than a few minutes!

Step 1: Set Up / Sign-In to Your LootRush Account

or Create your LootRush account at

Step 2: Connect Wallet and Top-Up Tokens to Pay

Once you're logged in, connect the wallet you'll be using for transactions. if you connect your wallet and your qualified Discord account (on My Rentals page), you'll be able eligible to receive a $5 credit to use towards your first rentals.

You'll also be able to use credit card to pay for rentals.

You can connect your discord here after download the LootRush Wallet.

Step 3: Search and Select the Game/Collection You Want to Rent From

Go to the follow link to rent for Apeiron: Link

Step 4: Choose your NFTs

You can use the filters on the left side to reduce the number of options shown.

Step 5: Adjust Your Rental Period and Checkout!

IMPORTANT: You can pay using tokens or credit card; you can top-up tokens to pay by going to:

Step 6: Download the LootRush Wallet

Once you've rented, you'll be directed to the My Rentals page where you need to download the LootRush Wallet browser extension (if you don't already have it). This will act as your active wallet to connect to games. You can also visit this link to download the LootRush Wallet; if you're using Android/Mobile you'll have to download the wallet via the Kiwi Browser. You can connect your discord on the My Rentals page after you download the LootRush Wallet to be eligible for a $5 credit towards rentals. Once you've checked out, please wait a few minutes for the NFT(s) to get delivered to your LootRush Wallet.

Returning NFTs - Step 7: Return on My Rentals

  1. Visit the My Rentals page on LootRush

  2. Press "Return assets" and select the NFT(s) you want to return

It's important to return your NFTs at the end of your rental period if you don't want to get charged the daily fee afterward. NFTs are automatically renewed.

Done! You now know how to get started with LootRush, and rent and return NFT(s).

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to Play with Your Rented Assets

First time playing with Apeiron or the LootRush Wallet? No problem, we have and the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Visit the Apeiron Marketplace

Visit the Apeiron Marketplace here.

Step 2: Check and Adjust LootRush Wallet Settings

Press "Force Use" on your LootRush Wallet extension if shown to make sure your LootRush Wallet overrides other wallets when trying to connect to the Apeiron marketplace. Refresh the page for changes to take effect.

Step 3: Press "Login with Ronin Wallet"

You can press Login on the top right and you'll see the option to login with Ronin Wallet.

Your LootRush Wallet should connect seamlessly as long as it's set to override other wallets.

Step 4: Bind / Connect your email to the account

Bind / Connect your email to your Apeiron marketplace account. You'll also set your password that will be used with your email to login in-game.

IMPORTANT: Your Apeiron marketplace email does not need to be the same as your LootRush account email.

Once you've set your credentials, you're ready to go to the game client to login and play with your rented NFT(s). You can download the game here.

Step 5: Login with Your Apeiron Marketplace Credentials

To return your rented NFT(s) back to your LootRush Wallet, perform the opposite task of bridging your NFTs from the game to the right blockchain.

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to List your Assets for Rent

We also have

You can see FAQs on listing your NFTs here

Step 1: Connect your Wallet

  1. Sign-In to or Create your LootRush account

  2. Connect your wallet by pressing the wallet logo on the top right

If you have the LootRush Wallet extension, make sure the wallet is not overriding other wallets

Step 2: Visit My Listings

  1. Click on My listings on the top panel when on or click here

  2. Click on “+List” on the top right hand side

  3. Search for your game in the search bar and then press Continue

Step 3: Select the NFTs and Finish Listing

  1. Select the NFTs you want to list

  2. Set your price and listing preferences

  3. Read the terms and sign the transaction to complete


  • Private = only users with your profile or NFT link can view and rent

  • You can edit your prices and listings whenever by clicking "edit listings"

  • You can withdraw your NFTs as long as they're not being rented


You can see FAQs on listing your NFTs here

Questions or Need Help?

If you need any help, please contact us at [email protected]