LootRush is excited to announce the launch of assets rentals for Axie Infinity! This will enable Axie Infinity users to rent and list for rent their Axies, Accessories, Items, and Lands securely and easily via LootRush.

How is this different than the current Axie Infinity Product on LootRush?

The current Axie Infinity product works like a scholarship where player choose from free pre-made teams with earnings being split between the player and NFT owner.

The new product will enable users to choose each Axie they want to rent, from 1 to no upper limit on the number of Axies.

The main difference is that players pay upfront to rent Axies for a set period and in exchange they get 100% of all earnings (AXS/SLP/R&C sales profits) during the rental period. for Axie NFT owners, they set their rental price and get rental income without have to worry about player activity.

This is exactly like how LootRush works with other games on the platform and we’re thrilled to be migrating Axie Infinity to this model.

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to rent

We also have the following video guides on YouTube:

Using LootRush to rent is easy and takes less than a few minutes!

Step 1: Set Up / Sign In to Your LootRush Wallet

  1. Set up or sign in to your LootRush account at LootRush.com

Step 2: Download the LootRush Wallet

Visit this link and click “Download Wallet” to download the browser extension based on the browser you’re using

Important (MOBILE USERS): If you are using mobile, download the Kiwi browser to download the LootRush Wallet extension

Chrome Example:

Step 3: Rent an NFT

  1. Go to the follow links to rent for Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity: Axies

Axie Infinity: Accessories

Axie Infinity: Items

Axie Infinity: Lands

  1. Add an NFT to cart by pressing the purple shopping bag icon or by clicking on the NFT directly then “+ Add to Bag”

Step 4: Checkout!

  1. Press the checkout bag on the bottom right side of the screen

  2. Adjust your rental period

  3. Choose your payment method

  4. Select LootRush Wallet as the option to receive your NFT

  5. Done! Click here or on “my rentals” for the status of your rental order

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to Play with your Rented Assets

We have the following guide on how to Connect to Axie Infinity:

First time playing with a Axie Infinity? No problem. It's easy to connect your LootRush Wallet. We have instructions below

Step 1: Visit Axie Infinity

  1. Visit the Axie Infinity website

  2. Click the LootRush Wallet browser extension and click "Force Use" to enable it to connect instead of your Ronin wallet

  3. Refresh the page then press Login on the top right-hand side of the screen to login

Step 2: Connect Wallet

  1. Click on “Log in with Ronin Wallet”

Step 3: Done! Time to play!

Done! Your LootRush Wallet should connect and you should be ready to start playing with your rented NFTs

Please note: you can double check that the right wallet connected by going to “Edit Profile” and matching the last 4 characters of the connected wallet with the LootRush wallet.

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to List your Assets for Rent

We also have

You can see FAQs on listing your NFTs here

Step 1: Visit Listings Page

  1. Click on My listings on the top panel when on

    LootRush.com or click here

Step 2: Find Axie Infinity

  1. Click on “+List” on the top right hand side

  2. Search for Axie Infinity in the search far and then press Continue

Step 3: Finish Listing

1. Connect your Ronin

2. Verify your wallet

3. Select the NFTs you would like to put for rent

4. Adjusting quantity, pricing and whether you want to enable coupons based n your preferences

5. Follow remaining steps to confirm Terms of Service and sign for the transaction to finish listing

6. Done!

You can see FAQs on listing your NFTs here

Questions or Need Help?

If you need any help, please contact us at [email protected]