We're excited to share updates to our billing system to make it clear to consumers and suppliers how our system is charging for rentals!

How it works


  • The billing system is now pre-paid, and it automatically renews every day.

  • LootRush charges consumers every day before starting a new rental cycle.

  • The system tries to charge tokens (any token) available in your Tokens page.

  • If the system cannot charge the consumer, the NFTs are automatically sent back to the marketplace for other users.

  • Consumers can check their past charges on the 'Invoices' tab on 'My Rentals'.


  • Suppliers fees are generated based on how long the renter stayed renting your asset. The fees increase after the renter returns the NFT.

  • Suppliers can withdraw their fees by requesting a payout below 'Total fees'.


If you have any further questions, send us an e-mail at [email protected]