Earn & Play with LootRush's Referral Program

Our referral program is simple. Share your referral link with your friends. When they sign-up and rent their first item, you'll both be paid U$5. The referral program allows you to:

  • You'll earn a U$5 referral bonus, sent to your own personal wallet

  • Your friend earns a U$5 first rental bonus, sent to their personal wallet

  • Your friend is able to test rentals for free and unlock interesting items

Our top referrers have earned hundreds of dollars to date while also bringing more fun to their group of friends.


  1. Where do I find my referral link?

    • Click on "Refer and Earn" on the top right of your profile and copy your referral link.

  2. Can I customize my referral link?

    • Yes. After you click on "Refer and Earn", scroll down and input a username, this will be the tag of your referral link, ex. lootru.sh/[username]

  3. How do I track my referrals?

    • With our referrals dashboard! Click "Refer and Earn" to see a summary of all referral activity associated with your link.

  4. What are the criteria for referrals?

    • Referrals are counted for players who sign-up with your referral link and rent + return for the first time. Note, we will disqualify first-time rentals from being counted in instances of multi-accounting or fraud.

  5. When will I be paid?

    • Currently, we pay out referrals 1x per week to the wallet you've connected with us and to the game/chain you're playing with. We're working to make this real-time.