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In this short guide we’ll show you how to bridge from GYRI to Ethereum, so that you can return your rented NFTs using your LootRush wallet.

The first step is for you to buy the GALA token, you can do so on Uniswap.

Tip: When buying the GALA token, make sure you are buying the correct token as there is an old and a new one. Correct token here.

After buying the GALA token using your personal wallet, send it to the LootRush wallet linked to your Gala Games account.

if you don’t know how check this article here on how to deposit tokens to the Lootush wallet.

Tip: If this is your first rental LootRush will cover GAS fees to bridge your assets back to Ethereum, send us an email to [email protected].

After clicking on, under “Balance”, click on “GALA[ETH]”.

Click on “Bridge do GYRI” and confirm the transaction.

After waiting a few minutes you should see your Gala [GYRI] balance updated.

Tip: you must have at least 1000 GALA in GYRI chain to bridge back from GYRI to Ethereum.

Great! Now you’re ready to bridge. Click on and choose your game of interest, e.g. Dragon Strike, and you’ll see your Items that are on the GYRI chain.

Click on the item and then on “Bridge to Ethereum”.

Perfect! Now you are ready to return your NFTs rented with the LootRush wallet, if you don’t know how make sure you check the following article.