LootRush & Param Labs together to enable users to rent Kiraverse assets and to also list their assets for rent securely via the platform

Official Collaboration with Kiraverse

We're pleased to announce an official collaboration with Kiraverse to enable users to be able to rent assets and list their assets for rent easily and securely via LootRush.

Kiraverse is a free-to-play, web3-integrated third-person MMO shooter, offering an immersive battle royale experience with a play-to-earn model, where players can earn, trade, and own digital assets without the complexities of typical NFT and crypto setups

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to Rent

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Using LootRush to rent your first item is easy and takes less than a few minutes!

In order to be eligible for the $5 reward, you must connect a qualified wallet or deposit $5 in tokens, and also rent and return your first NFT. We have written instructions below.

Step 1: Setting up Your LootRush Wallet

  1. Sign-up and sign in to your LootRush account at


Step 2: Download the LootRush Wallet

Visit this link and click “Download Wallet” to download the browser extension based on the browser you’re using

Chrome Example:

Step 3: Toggle LootRush Wallet as Main

  1. Click on the LootRush wallet extension icon and make sure the toggle for “Make LootRush your default wallet” is on (see image below)

  2. Refresh your page on LootRush.com

Step 4: Rent an NFT

1. Go to the following links depending on your choice of collection:

Kira Genesis Collection

Kiraverse - The Bridged

Kiraverse - The Sentients

2. Add an NFT to cart by pressing the purple shopping bag icon or by clicking on the NFT directly then “+ Add to Bag”

Step 5: Checkout!

  1. Press the checkout bag on the bottom right side of the screen

  2. Adjust your rental period

3. Enter “NZ-freetrial” as the coupon to rent for free if eligible and click “continue”

4. Select LootRush Wallet as the option to receive your NFT

5. Done! Click here or on “my rentals” for the status of your rental order

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to Play with Your Rented Assets

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First time playing with a Kiraverse? No problem. It's easy to connect your LootRush Wallet to your game profile. We have instructions below

Step 1: Create your account

1. Visit the Kiraverse website

2. Press Login on the top right-hand side of the screen to login or create an account

3. If you don’t already have an account, press “Create an Account” and follow the steps to create your account

4. Complete login!

Step 2: Connect Wallet

1. Once logged in, press your name on the top right-hand of the screen

2. Make sure any other wallet extensions are turned off and LootRush wallet is toggled on to be default to ensure seamless connection

3. Press connect wallet

Step 3: Done! Time to play!

Done! Your LootRush Wallet should connect and you should be ready to start playing with your rented NFTs

Please note: you can double check that the right wallet connected by going to “Edit Profile” and matching the last 4 characters of the connected wallet with the LootRush wallet.

[Step-by-Step Tutorial] How to List your Assets for Rent

We also have

Step 1: Visit Listings Page

  1. Click on My listings on the top panel when on LootRush.com or click here

Step 2: Find Kiraverse

  1. Click on “+List” on the top right hand side

  2. Search for Kiravase in the search far and then press Continue on the collection you want to list for

Step 3: Finish Listing

1. Connect your MetaMask or use WalletConnect to connect another wallet

2. Verify your wallet

3. Select the NFTs you would like to put for rent

4. Adjusting quantity, pricing and whether you want to enable coupons based n your preferences

5. Follow remaining steps to confirm Terms of Service and sign for the transaction to finish listing

6. Done!

Questions or Need Help?

If you need any help, please contact us at [email protected]