Added for clarification: Campaign starts on June 5th at 2pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7), 1 hour after the snapshot

🤑 Bonus for Landowners 🤑:

List your Pixels land and earn extra fees, even if they're not rented! Lands do not need to be rented to receive bonus earnings!

  • June 5th: 10 USDC per listed land

  • June 6th: 5 USDC per listed land

  • June 7th: 3 USDC per listed land

💸 Bonus Rental Credits for Renters 💸:

Deposit, rent lands and earn cashback (USDC bonus on your LootRush account) for your next rental. 

  • June 5th: 50% cashback (e.g., pay $10, get 5 USDC)

  • June 6th: 30% cashback

  • June 7th: 20% cashback

Other details for bonuses:

  • Rentals and listings must remain active for at least 24h to qualify.

  • Bonuses for renters and landowners will be subject to manual verification for fraud and multi accounting. Expect bonuses to be sent to your LootRush account 24 hours PST after the day ends.