If you haven’t already the first step would be to create a Gala Games account here.

After you create your account make sure to click on “Linked Accounts” here.

Tip: If you'd like to link your Gala Games account with the LootRush wallet check out our LootRush Wallet FAQ here.

Tip: If you'd like to link your personal wallet to your Gala Games account, make sure you read our general LootRush guide here.

Click on “Connect” as seen below:

After connecting your wallet, It is very important that you create your GYRI transfer code, you’ll need it for bridging NFTs between GYRI and Ethereum, you can do so here.

Finally, make sure you save your seed phrase, you’ll need it in order to recover your transfer code, in case you lose it.

If you lose both your seed phrase and transfer code you might not be able to recover your NFTs bridged to GYRI, so be careful!

Tip: Write down your seed phrase in a secure location, preferably not online.

Perfect! Now your Gala Account is set up and you’re ready to start renting NFTs on LootRush and playing Gala titles such as Champions Arena and Spider Tanks!