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You receive the asset in your wallet


Increase limit

Complete small tasks to increase your rental limit and rent better NFTs



Choose an NFT you want to rent from our wide selection



You get the NFT on your wallet to enjoy your game, like if you had bought it



You can return whenever you want. Simply send the NFT to our wallet

105 games available

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Rent with unlimited limit

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No Rental Limit required

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No KYC required

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Works with most games on LootRush

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Compatible with 100s of games

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Piece of cake. We trust you.

Rent without smart contracts


Rent an NFT from our collection and receive it in your wallet


No need to connect your wallet. No need to sign or trust smart contracts.


All NFTs are available instantly, or in up to 24h upon request

We trust you

Rent more and better items

Increase your limit to rent


Increase your rental limit completing privacy-friendly tasks, and depositing NFTs or tokens


Prove your game experience through a form or by connecting your wallet (no signature required)


Connecting wallet, KYC and credit cards are all optional, and not required to use the platform

increase limit

easy that way

Return whenever you want


When you are ready, simply transfer it back to our wallet


Rentals are automatically renewed every week if you haven't returned them back yet, in up to 1 year

Increase your limit

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The process of renting NFTs on our platform is simple and straightforward. Just choose an NFT you want to rent, send it to your wallet, and enjoy your rental.

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