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Renter Tip: You won't be able to equip additional gear to your rented VX. This limitation may be changed in the future.

Supplier Tip: You can now list your VX with fully equipped gear. Users who rent your VX won't be able to either equip or remove gear from it.

IMPORTANT: Jackpot prizes are tied to the CyberKongz VX ID. This means that the wallet holding the VX at the end of the season will be eligible to claim the jackpot. If the end of the season occurs after the rental period ends, the user renting the CyberKongz VX will forfeit the jackpot.

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Ordens Abertas

Pedidos pré-pagos aguardando para serem atendidos. Liste um NFT que corresponda aos pedidos e seja pago imediatamente. Todos os NFTs listados no mercado são verificados em tempo real para corresponder aos pedidos abertos.