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Tutorial on how to get started on Beacon with LootRush

Renter Tip 1: Before renting, make sure you create an account on Beacon's NFQ app, you'll need to connect your Twitter account and your LootRush wallet.

Renter Tip 2: If you want to claim the chest loot from each Dungeon, make sure you rent your Founding Character until the end of the New Frontiers Quest (30/6).

Renter Tip 3: Make sure to send some ETH on Arbitrum One to your LootRush wallet, as you'll need to import your FC into the game.

Supplier Tip: Make sure to only list Founding Characters that have not done Dungeon runs, and that you're not planning on using, as users will be renting these until the end of the New Frontiers Quest (30/6) to claim their loot.

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Ordens Abertas

Pedidos pré-pagos aguardando para serem atendidos. Liste um NFT que corresponda aos pedidos e seja pago imediatamente. Todos os NFTs listados no mercado são verificados em tempo real para corresponder aos pedidos abertos.