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Gods Unchained

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This closed testing showcases the game’s mobile progress and gathers valuable feedback from engaged community members. In this Pre-Alpha, the focus is on core gameplay, without additional features like forge, star store, deck building, pack opening, or tutorials. The build is available on Android devices first, supporting Pixel Series and Samsung S8 and above, with an iOS build planned for later testing. During the testing phase, players experience gameplay parity with the desktop version but should be prepared for bugs. The developers provide a known bug list and update it throughout the testing phase.

Gods Unchained Mobile
Gods Unchained Mobile


Active community members who have played games recently have received invitations to the Pre-Alpha Mobile Build.


24th February AET: Early access for Council of Mortals, Mount Olympus

28th February AET: Engaged, active community members

Every Wednesday in March: Weekly App updates via email

22nd March AET: Pre-Alpha testing period ends


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Invited members received an email with instructions and a video demo for downloading and installing the app on Android smartphones.

Feedback Collection

The developers are collecting feedback to improve the build. In-app surveys and detailed email surveys are provided. They are interested in feedback on the launcher, gameplay, UI, performance, and device issues. Weekly app updates address bugs and incorporate feedback. Players are also encouraged to leave feedback in the public #mobile pre-alpha Discord channel.


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