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Deck building is the most impactful aspect of GU and other trading card games, as it allows you to channel your creativity and strategize your way up the ranks. In this guide, we’ll show you how to earn your first free-to-play card packs and create a custom deck. We’ll also discuss three main deck types and share some community-created custom decks. Before we begin, check out our “Five Steps Before You Play” article for a step-by-step tutorial on downloading, installing, and setting up a wallet on GU.

Earning Your First Card Packs

Complete the in-game tutorials to earn card packs, which will give you more freedom when building your deck. To start, select Arena from the top left corner and choose Tutorial.

Card Elements for Deck Building
Card Elements for Deck Building

Understanding Cards

Cards in GU have various attributes, such as Domain and Rarity, which are crucial when building your deck. Each card belongs to one of six domains: War, Light, Nature, Deception, Magic, and Death. When building a deck, you must dedicate it to a specific domain and select cards accordingly, but you may add neutral cards to any deck, regardless of your chosen domain. Rarity, determined by the gems on the side of the cards, ranges from Common to Mythic. Keep in mind the limitations on the number of copies allowed per deck.


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Creating A Deck

To create a deck, navigate to the Workshop menu, and after trying out the six starter decks, click on Create a Deck. Choose a domain and start building your deck with neutral and domain-specific cards. For a successful deck, learn from experienced players and consider general strategies and playstyles.

The Four Principles

Over the years, four distinct playstyles have emerged in GU: Aggro, Midrange, Control, and Combo. Aggro decks focus on fast, aggressive play, while Midrange decks emphasize adaptability with powerful creatures. Control decks aim to control the game’s flow, and Combo decks use unique strategies for flashy plays. Combine these styles to create something unique and conquer the world of Gods Unchained.


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