Summary & Key Points:

Rent up to $10k worth of NFTs

By paying rental fees, anyone can rent up to $10k of NFTs

Free trial limitations:

$50 free trial

Anyone using our LootRush wallet can rent up to $50 of NFTs with our free trial coupon

$100 free trial

Players with approved tasks (and rental limit > 0) can rent up to $100 of NFTs with our free trial coupon, regardless of if they are using our wallet or a non-custodial wallet

How to Begin Your Free Trial:

After signing up on our platform and receiving your initial rental credits, our free trial coupon code NZ-freetrial will be automatically applied to your first three rentals.

After these initial rentals make sure to enter this code into the field labeled “Add promotion code” upon checkout.

Up to the limit of your free trial, whenever you enter this code 100% of the daily fees associated with your rental will be waived!

Do not forgot to return items on free trial to avoid paying rental fees. If you have a credit card setup on your account, the credit card will be charged for renewals. If not, your rental limit can be reduced and you can be limited of future rentals.

If you have completed 1 or more of our approved tasks this code can be re-entered any time you go through the check out module and contains a total limit of $100 in free rentals.

For players using our LootRush wallet who have not completed any approval tasks this code can still be re-entered any time but has a total limit of $10 in free rentals.

Every Monday, rentals are renewed automatically and daily fees are charged if they're due.

While you're more than welcome to keep renting, to avoid these charges simply return any outstanding rentals before the end of your free trial!