How does it Work?

LootRush is a rental marketplace for web3 games, allowing players to enjoy 1000+ games, and NFT owners to earn fees by listing their idle assets.

How to Rent or List NFTs

Users can list their own NFTs for rentals or rent 100k+ available items from our marketplace.

To rent, users can choose any game and item they want, select for how long they want to rent for, pay a flat daily fee, and the asset is sent to their LootRush wallet by default.

The LootRush Wallet

By default, all items rented on LootRush are sent to a LootRush wallet (a wallet automatically created on the background for every user for free on sign up), and the LootRush wallet is natively compatible with any web3 application that works with MetaMask, Immutable, Ronin connect, and more.

Playing Games with Rented Items

To use a rented item in game, you need to download and connect your LootRush wallet through buttons like "Connect with a Metamask", "Connect with Ronin" and others.

Tip: Make sure to change wallet's network to the blockchain the game you’re renting is.

All the most popular "connectors" are compatible with LootRush, so we work with most games without integrations. After connecting your LootRush wallet to the game, you should be able to play see your rented assets in game.

Loot, Withdrawals, and NFT Transfers

The loot you earn is all yours and you can withdraw it through our wallet. You can also send your own NFTs to LootRush wallet (and withdraw them whenever you want).

LootRush in a Nutshell:

  • Play any crypto game: Choose from over 1000 compatible games and access 100k+ NFTs for rental.

  • Rent for as long as you need: Decide on the rental period, rent for 1d or 90d, and pay a flat daily fee —no surprises.

  • Play instantly and keep all the loot: After renting, the NFT is instantly transferred to your LootRush wallet for immediate use.

  • Connect LootRush wallet in any dapp: Connect your LootRush wallet to your favorite game and play with your rented assets.

  • Earn with Idle Assets: List your idle NFTs for others to rent, and earn rental fees with other players enjoy your assets.

FAQ - List of useful articles

If you have any further questions, you can always contact our support team at [email protected] and read the articles below!

The Basics of Rentals (start here)

These are the basics of LootRush and all you need to know to get started!

Listing your NFTs to be Lent

Want to earn on your idle NFTs? Lend them out other players in minutes.

Earning the Sign-up or Referral Bonus

Earning through testing LootRush or referring your friends takes just a few minutes.

More Details of How LootRush Works

If you're curious and like to learn more about how we work.

Game Specific Guides

While we support hundreds of NFT collections, we have select game-specific information below.