Summary and Key Points:

  • Rental fees are charged on a daily basis until your rental is returned.

  • Fees can be paid using either a credit card or tokens deposited into your account.

  • Upon checkout the total fee for your entire selected rental periods will be displayed, this is not the amount paid daily!

  • You can add your credit card details during checkout, while tokens deposits must be made prior to checkout.

  • Currently accepted tokens for payment are $GODS, $IMX, $MATIC and $USDC.

General Rental Payments Information:

For each NFT rented through our platform there is an associated daily rental fee.

This fee will be charged to your account daily for the duration of the rental period.

Once you return your rental the daily fee will no longer be charged to your account!

As you browse our platform you will see the fee amounts listed directly below the names of each NFT.

Note: The dollar amount below the daily fee is the credit amount needed to rent the item and is not related to rental payments.

Before you confirm your order at checkout, you will see the sum total of daily fees for all NFTs in your bag.

This number is the total amount charged over the course of the entire rental period, NOT the daily fee itself.

If you decide to modify the rental days, this number will be adjusted to reflect the new total amount.

These charges will only occur while the rental is active, if you choose to return your rental early you will not be charged for any remaining days!

Payment Options - Pay by Card

When you proceed to checkout, you'll be presented with the choice to make your payment either by credit card or token deposit.

If you select credit card and click Continue, you'll be directed to our Add Payment Method module.

Once you've entered your card information and clicked Save, you will be taken back to the LootRush home page.

Next, return to your bag and proceed through the checkout process once more. This time, when you select the credit card option, your information will be saved!

Simply click the confirm and rent button and your rental will be on its way!

Payment Options - Pay by Token Deposit

To pay for rentals using tokens, you need to first deposit tokens into your LootRush account.

Simply click the Tokens button located at the top of the screen to access your Tokens Dashboard.

To begin your deposit click on the Deposit button as shown in the image above. Clicking here will open up our Token Deposit module.

Within this module, choose the Token type you wish to deposit, indicate the blockchain network through which the tokens will be sent, and specify the amount you intend to deposit.

Note: The currently accepted token types are $GODS, $IMX, $MATIC, and $USDC.

Proceed by pressing Continue and confirming your deposit on the next page.

Upon initiating the transaction, a pop-up will appear via your wallet. All you need to do is sign this transaction, and your deposit will be processed.

Once the deposit is visible on your Token Dashboard, you'll have the option to use your deposited tokens for rental payments.

After your token deposit has been confirmed in your account, select Token Deposit as your payment method during checkout, and then click Continue.

On the following page, choose the token type you wish to use for payment, and then click Confirm and Pay.


Now you can kick back and relax as we process your order.

Daily token charges will start once your item is delivered and will continue until the item is returned.