Important Notes on Automatic Rental Renewals:

  • Don't worry if you forget to return an item by the end of its rental period – all past due rentals will automatically renew on a daily basis.

  • When an item auto-renews the standard daily charges for the item will continue to apply.

  • Good news – there are no extra fees outside of the item's daily rental rate for auto-renewed assets.

  • Rentals will keep auto-renewing until the item is returned.

Rental Periods & Automatic Renewals:

When you're ready to check out, you'll pick a "rental period" for each item in your bag. This is the number of days you'd like to keep the asset.

Once you receive the item your rental period will begin!

You'll be charged the daily rental fee from this point onwards until the item is returned.

When you return the item the rental period will end and you will no longer receive daily charges on the rental.

So what happens if the rental period ends, but the item hasn't been returned?

If the asset has not been returned at the end of the rental period, the rental will be automatically renewed on a daily basis.

Rentals that automatically renew are treated the same way as if they were still within their rental period.

Throughout this extended rental time, the daily fee will still apply until you return the asset.

There is no penalty associated with extending your rental in this way, so feel free to allow rentals to auto-renew for as long as you’d like!