• Cards can be rented either to your personal wallet or to your LootRush wallet.

  • Any cards not rented through our platform can be transferred in and out of your LootRush wallet.

  • Players have the ability to connect multiple wallets to their Gods Unchained account and utilize cards from both their personal wallet and their LootRush wallet.

Rented to Personal Wallet:

If you've rented to your personal wallet you will receive the cards within 24hrs and be able to use them right away!

Whenever you're finished with your rental simply return the card back to us.

More information on how to return assets here.

Rented to LootRush Wallet:

If you've rented cards to your LootRush wallet there are a few options that will allow you to play with both the cards you've rented as well as cards you already own!

Your first option is to transfer your cards to your LootRush wallet. Our wallet supports deposit and withdrawal functionality for any items not rented through our platform.

More information on deposits and withdrawals found here.

Secondly, Gods Unchained allows players to link several wallets to their account and utilize cards across all connected wallets!

How to Connect Multiple Wallets to Your Gods Unchained Account:

Before starting, ensure you've synced your LootRush wallet to your LootRush account and have set it as the default wallet extension in your browser.

Login to your Gods Unchained account by clicking “Sign In” in the top right corner of GodsUnchained.com

Select “Manage Wallets” from the top right menu.

Click the “+ Add wallet” button to add your wallet to Gods Unchained.

Select LootRush Wallet from the list of wallets that appear.

Follow the prompts to sign and approve adding your wallet to Gods Unchained and IMX.

(Note: You won’t need to manually sign any transactions within your LootRush wallet, this is one of the many perks of using our wallet!)

When you see your new address added to the Manage Wallet page, you have successfully connected it to your Gods Unchained account and the Immutable X platform!

Now you’re ready to dive into battle using both the cards in your main wallet as well as any new cards in your LootRush Wallet!